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hey, it's Audri!

If you're looking for more insight into my journey you're in the right place!  Read my story below! xx

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Audreyanna (AudriWrites) is not a licensed professional and therefore is not providing any therapy services via website/blog. The information provided is to be used at the discretion of the individual and Audreyanna is not liable for any advice misinterpreted, misunderstood, and or misused to harm others. The content of this site/blog is created to support those who actively want to take charge of their self-development and evolution process.

the journey...

Audreyanna Garrett, MBA, MSc, of Houston, Texas, operating under pen-name AudriWrites, is a poet, writer, and author published for over 13 years with work in genres of self-help, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry all of which are internationally recognized literary work. 


Starting with a journal, Audreyanna developed her thoughts into poetry and blog posts, utilizing past trials and joys to exhibit self-development and growth. Sharing, what is now referred to as "Audridom" or life lessons, she hopes to encourage others to learn and grow as well. Each blog post has in common Audreyanna's unique ability to creatively and poetically express the importance of love and its role in life, to cultivate interest in establishing relationships between love, consciousness, self-development, self-empowerment, and psychology., the blog, gives birth to spirits of acceptance, encouragement, understanding, and forgiveness. 


Audreyanna received a Bachelors of Fine Art from Sam Houston State University in 2007, and an MBA, concentration in Global Management, in 2011, and a second Masters in Psychology from the University of Phoenix, in 2014. Audreyanna subsequently spent a semester abroad, studying at the University of London, and is currently enrolled in a psychology Ph.D. program.


Audreyanna has established and maintained the title of poet, published author, ghostwriter, and writer, after self-publishing her first literary work in poetry, Poetically Speaking, (a collage) in 2006. Diary in Reverse, a poetry collage was published in 2009, followed by Writer's Block (poetry), released in the latter part of that very same year. In 2011, Poetically Speaking, was revised and re-released. Audreyanna went on to complete and publish a fiction novel, Southern Belles (2011), a self-help book titled The Love Trials (2013), a poetic love story, Shades of Red (2019), and memoir, I Don’t Respect Your Politics (2020). 


Audreyanna also created a YouTube Channel, to supplement her blog content and increase content awareness, titled Life Advice w/AudriWrites in 2021.


Audreyanna consistently seeks to motivate, encourage, support, spread love, and provoke conscious thought into the lives of many.


For Features, Guest Speaking, Interviews, Advice, Consulting, or Writing Support please contact! I'd love to work with you!

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